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“I think the awards speak to the universality of the story and Love Jacked's ability to emotionally move an audience. It’s always great to have your work validated, but really, I’m representing the work of a great many artists in this film...It’s also great to be appreciated by the audience and all of our three showings were completely sold out. That for me is the greatest acknowledgment of our work.”

 - Alfons Adetuyi, Director of Love Jacked

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“The role of the black filmmaker in LA has definitely changed. I have been in LA for 25 years and I have seen overtime where the opportunities and projects were slim, but today I love that everyone is talking about ‘Hey, do you have a black version of that story, can we find a way to tell that story from an African American perspective’.”

 - Robert Adetuyi, Writer of Love Jacked

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“We chose to open here because this is the film festival of the people and that is really important for us. It is very inclusive and that is important to any film.” “It definitely is changing because Hollywood is business and the African American popular is big business and they finally realized it. We want to see ourselves in all kinds of stories and all kinds of films, so that is starting to open up.”

 - Alfons Adetuyi on PAFF Love Jacked Red Carpet, MSN Online

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