Amber Stevens West

“This movie has been a long time in the making and it was so much fun when I first read it, I just knew I wanted to be a part of it and saw so much of myself in the character.”

The fierce and funny Amber Stevens West is MAYA, an artist breaking free from her loving but demanding father to explore her creative ambitions.

Shamier Anderson

The accent was a daunting task but I was very fortunate to work with an amazing dialect coach but I would just call him 'a cultural extraordinaire expert' by the name of Lucky... I wanted to get a full scope of what it was like to be African… it was a great journey.

The irresistible Shamier Anderson is MALCOLM, a handsome, likeable pool hustler with a charming smile who is very good with his hands.

Keith David

“Rarely does a title of a movie reflect exactly what you are about to see, this is just like it says she get’s Love Jacked… not hijacked but Love Jacked…it’s a lovely little story.”

The dashing Keith David as 'ED JOHNSON', a gruff, no-nonsense kind of guy. Loving but strict father; successful owner of a chain of Hardware stores with a whole lot of family members.

Mike Epps

Mike Epps, Actor & Executive Producer on Love Jacked

“You got to have the funny... you got to have the sexy…you got to have the got to have the heart…you got to have truth.  It’s got to be layered up that way to make a romantic comedy”

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Marla Gibbs

“I was very excited to be part of the cast, it’s not often that you see such a charming love story…I love romantic comedies, it’s one of my favorites because I am a romanticist myself.”

The iconic Marla Gibbs is GRANDMA ROSE, the feisty romantic matriarch of the family supportive of her granddaughters.

Angela Gibbs

“One special piece to this whole puzzle, that is this film is my mother Marla Gibbs. We’ve have always wanted to do something together on a film and this movie is the first time that we have ever worked together as mother and daughter."

The lovely Angela Gibbs is AUNT CLARA, acts as a surrogate mother for Maya. She’s conservative but hip, fun, warm-hearted, assertive and knows how to handle her brother.

Lyriq bent

“This project has it has everything it needs, it has talent both in front and behind and we have a great roadmap. You just got to wait to see what comes out the oven.”

The dynamic Lyriq Bent is TYRELL, Malcolm’s pool-hustling partner and resident bad boy.

Demetrius Grosse

“To get a chance to portray a brother from South Arica with dignity and a little bit of suaveness, a little humour is cool, it’s delightful… it’s a wholesome story I think people will dig it.”

The charismatic Demetrius Grosse is MTUMBIE, a charming and debonair South African who sweeps Maya off her feet while she discovers South Africa.

Nicole Lyn

“People should take from this movie - love, romance and unexpected things are something you can find everyday if you are just open to them.”

The delightful Nicole Lyn is ‘NAOMI’. MAYA’s sassy, attention-seeking cousin. She innocently tries to steal Maya’s fiancé, and a couple other hearts along the way.